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SpiritMultiVitamin - 3 Months

$67.97 $74.97 saving $7.00
SpiritMultiVitamin - 3 Months

SpiritMultiVitamin - 3 Months

$67.97 $74.97 saving $7.00

SpiritFemaVit is our Multi-Vitamin, which is formulated with essential vitamins like Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and more. SpiritFemaVit is highly recommended to build a strong immune system.

Additionally, SpiritFemaVit is a rich multivitamin-mineral, which provides the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women in one daily tablet. During pregnancy the body requires various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, thus it is even more important to ensure their availability. Our FemaVit tablet provides the most important nutrients for proper fetal development and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

  • Suitable for the pre-pregnancy period
  • Suitable during pregnancy and lactation
  • Organically-bound iron for prevention of digestive disorders
  • A high dosage of folic acid

Just take 1 pill a day with a meal to get all the nutrients your body needs. 
There are no side effects. 
With your order, you will receive 3 bottles of SpiritFemaVit. There are 30 pills per bottle which will last 90 days. We recommend 1 pill a day. 
We ship worldwide - All countries!